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Business Director

Austin joined as a partner at Reed Medical Group in November 2022 to oversee finance, business administration, IT, and marketing. He grew up in Clay and Charleston, West Virginia, and he earned his B.S. from the College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University with a degree in Management Information Systems. Austin is Dr. Reed's brother.

Austin moved here from Chicago, where he worked as a neuroscientist at the Gate Lab at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. Here he studied genomics and immunology as they relate to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, ALS, Parkinson's, etc. His primary role was to perform single-cell RNA sequencing analysis on datasets created in the lab from human cell samples of patients suffering from neurodegeneration. This work involved writing code (mainly R and Python) to clean, structure, and perform statistical calculations on these datasets which contain gene expression levels for millions of cells across tens of thousands of genes. To accomplish this, Austin constructed and utilized extremely powerful computer systems and formed collaborations with other researchers around the globe.

Before he worked as a scientist, Austin was a software engineer at Dick's Sporting Goods corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh. He spent his two-year tenure at Dick's as member of the Payments Team, which primarily consisted of 8 engineers. Austin collaborated daily with team members to architect, build, and maintain a suite of Java applications responsible for processing billions of dollars of payments per year, both online and in-store. These applications are central to all business activites at Dick's, so building them required coordination with many internal teams, financial institutions, software providers, and regulatory bodies. Austin specialized in building devops features to streamline the development process and prevent errors from reaching the production environmenment. He is most proud of the data visualization system he built to keep track of all payments propogating through the many systems in real time and automatically alert the team when something inevitably goes wrong.

Austin also tinkers with electionics in his spare time. He owns many computers and runs a server out of his home. He is always taking on new projects and learning to use new tools. When not working on a project, Austin casually plays guitar and sings, and loves to be in nature whenever he can.

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