Does insurance cover the fee?

The membership fee is not covered by insurance; this is an elective fee the patient pays. 


Do I have to commit to a long-term agreement?

Memberships are issued for a one-year terms. Affiliated physicians, at their discretion, may allow patients to cancel their memberships.


Why would I pay for a membership / what does my membership include?


The traditional primary care offering and healthcare system is broken. Most doctors have a responsibility of caring for thousands of patients our providers only take a few hundred.


With your membership you will receive same day/next day appointments. Most traditional offices take weeks to get an appointment and then when you see the doctor they only give you ten minutes to discuss one issue.


Unrushed visits, take as long as you and your provider need to address your health concerns, the average office visit ranges from 30-60 minutes, however the focus is on your immediate care as well as a wellness plan for your health which can take as long as you need, that is what you are paying for.


24/7 access to your provider via cell phone and email


Our providers treat what is needed now, but also work with you to create a preventative wellness plan to try optimize your health for the long-term. Many chronic medications can be reduced or discontinued if lifestyle changes are made. The doctors work with their patients to plan lifestyle changes and identify ways to implement and maintain those changes. 


What about specialists and referrals?


Our providers work with specialists and manage your care if you need to go to a specialists.


Acceptable forms of payment?


We accept all major credit cards or debit cards. The membership are set up on auto pay with four friendly options, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly.


Is the membership tax deductible?


Please speak to a qualified tax advisor for details, as this will vary from person to person depending on various factors.