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What is membership medicine?  Why would I pay for a membership?

By becoming a member of Reed Medical Group, you secure your place on our limited patient panel and ensure that you can receive the best care available whenever you need it.  This includes an unlimited number of office visits, for which there is no copay or additional charge.  Appointments can typically be scheduled for the same/next day and last as long as necessary (usually 30-60 minutes) so that your physician can fully address your health concerns.  You will also have direct 24/7 access to communicate with clinic staff and/or the doctor. 

By collecting a fee and accepting a small number of patients, our team is able respond quickly to your immediate needs and oversee your long term personal wellness plan.  We will connect you with the treatment you need while mitigating the hassle and confusion that pervade hospital systems and insurance companies.  

Does Reed Medical Group accept insurance/Medicare?


We accept most major insurance plans as well as Medicare.  Because we are a concierge practice, the process works differently than that of the typical family medicine clinic.  This allows us to provide treatments immediately without interference from the insurance company.

We do not wait for insurance approval for office visits, lab draws, and medical procedures.  We provide the care you need and attempt to collect from insurance later.  Your membership fee helps us compensate for any rejected claims.  In general, there are no additional fees for the patient when a claim gets denied, except for certain treatments such as hormone replacement therapy.

Does insurance cover the membership fee?


The membership fee is not covered by insurance; this is an elective fee the patient pays. 

What about referrals to specialists?

Reed Medical Group has established strong relationships with top specialists throughout the Sarasota Bay area.  We will connect you with the providers optimally suited to your personal needs and coordinate care with your existing doctors to achieve the best possible health outcomes.  We will even schedule your appointments so you don't have wait on the phone.  In many cases, we can expedite your treatment this way.

What if I end up in the hospital?


Your physician will continue to coordinate your care during your hospital stay and personally check up on you when necessary.  Dr. Reed has privileges with Sarasota Memorial Hospital and can access your files in their system. 


We are also partnered with Accountable Inpatient Medicine (AIM), a private hospitalist group serving all major health centers in Manatee and Sarasota County.  When admitted to a local hospital, our members will be treated by an AIM physician instead of the standard hospital personnel.  This allows us to have a greater degree of influence and insight into your hospital care.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards or debit cards and checks.

How much does it cost?


We are constantly expanding the services we offer to provide the highest level of care we can.  Please call the office to learn about the features and costs of our current membership packages.


Is the membership tax deductible?

Please speak to a qualified tax advisor for details, as this will vary from person to person depending on various factors.

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