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James W. Reed III, MD
Longboat Key, FL

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Reed Medical Group is a full-service concierge family medicine practice on Longboat Key - the only place to receive premium healthcare without leaving the island!


Dr. Reed and staff are devoted to providing personalized care to each patient. Our members enjoy the benefits of unrushed office visits, same/next day appointments, and referrals through our network of specialists.


Sign up today, and be seen by an M.D. who will take the time to know you personally and manage all aspects of your health. Our in-office lab services and practical approach to medicine will serve your health needs and get you home quickly without the wait or hassle.

Our partners, Dr. Justin Lambert of Thrive Psychology and Dr. Kitty Galica of Advanced Health Systems, are also accepting patients at our office. We are fully equipped for doctor examinations, counseling, and physical therapy, as well as a IV infusions administered by our registered nurse, Jennifer Horne.

We are accepting a limited number of patients to ensure we can provide quality care to all.  To learn more, please call, stop by the office, or leave a message on our contact form below!



  • Personal Attention – Your doctor will take the time to get to know you and your personal health objectives

  • Same Day / Next Day Appointments - Our team will respond to your needs quickly and effectively

  • Unrushed Office Visits - Schedule as many appointments as you need at no additional cost

  • Limited Member Enrollment - To ensure more one on one time with patients

  • Full Scope of Family Medicine - We will manage all your health concerns and help chart a course through the medical system for each challenge that emerges

  • In Office Hematology Lab Services - Lab draws included in membership, processed daily by Quest Diagnostics

  • Team Approach to Continuous Care - Help with managing and coordinating with your other doctors, specialist referrals and prescriptions 

  • Telemedicine – Access to medical care from the comfort of your home; Helpful for snowbirds, those with transportation issues, or disabilities

  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital Affiliation - Dr. Reed is a member of the Physicians Hospital Organization at SMH and can oversee hospitalized care

  • Home Visits - Nursing staff and/or your physician will come to you if necessary; *Routine Home Visits are an extra fee


Concierge Family Medicine - James W. Reed III, MD

Physical Therapy - Dr. Kathleen “Kitty” Galica, DPT, JD, MPH, MDNC

Clinical Psychology - Dr. Justin Lampert, Psy.D.

Hormone Replacement Therapy - Aging related treatments for men and women`


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